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Gauteng Catering School
Get the Skills to have your own successful Catering Business!
Where you will be taught to:
Cook, Bake, Braai, Spit Braai, Potjie, Platters,
Running Events, Catering, Costing, Doing Quotations, Where to buy and
Running your own Business in the Catering Industry, Practical Skills in Running a Kitchen and Catering.

At the End of the Course you will be ready for your own business!
We will also register your business for you, so that you can go ahead and start making money & where to apply for funding for your business!

Duration of Course : 12 Months

Full Price : R12,000.00 , Payable on Application
Deposit : R5,000.00 & 11 Months X R855.00 per month , Deposit Payable on Application
Deposit : R3,000.00 & 11 Months X R1,085.00 per month, Deposit Payable on Application

Do not miss this opportunity, as there are only 15 Places available!

Mobile Kitchen For Sale:
Buy your Mobile Kitchen From us:
Only R19,000.00 + VAT = R21,850.00

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