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Let's bring the Restaurant to your Home!

Daily Restaurant type Home Cooked Meals delivered to your home.

Freshly Prepared for you

Every day of the week!

No more Cooking.

Normal Menu's
Kosher Menu's 
Halaal Menu's

Sit down and enjoy, top quality food. Specially prepared for you!

You can afford to eat proper food without cooking. Delivered to your home or Business on a daily basis.

If you are a daily Client , and you use our Catering Services, you will receive a 10% Discount on any Catering Event Done!

Catering for Standard Bank Year-End-Event at Lido Hotel

APRIL 2019 Menu's
We have a variety of Menu's Available!
Adults : R52.00 per Day (R47.50 if You pick Up)
Kids Under 12 : R35.00 Per Day (R31.50 if you pick Up)

KOSHER MENU : R62.50 Per Day

Halaal Menu : R62.50 Per Day

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Domain Registration, Website Design, Hosting for 12 Months, Get your Business onto Google. : R1,470.00 Per Year / .com : R1,670.00 Per Year.
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Cheap Private Medical Care
Unlimited Doctors Visits, Medication, Chronic Medication, Optometry, Pathology, X-Rays, Emergency Evacuation by road/air by ER24, Private Hospital in case of an emergency for Stabilisation and then you are transferred to a State Hospital, Private Hospital in Case of an Accident.
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