We cater for the rich and famous to the ordinary man on street.

Frozen Items
This is Ideal for households buying Bulk, Spaza shops , creches, schools or preparing your event and doing your catering yourself.
Prices Exclude VAT

We will deliver in the following areas for orders of R1,600 + :
Alberton, Germiston, Boksburg, Johannesburg South
Prices will be updated regularly.
Please note: EFT Payments must show the same day what the order is placed.
You place your order, we Invoice then YOU Make Payment and make sure it reflects immediately in our account, otherwise orders will not be processed.

   Chicken Drumsticks 15KG : R31.80/Kg (R477.00 Excluding VAT)   Chicken Drumsticks 5KG : R32.20/Kg (R161.00 Excluding VAT)  Chicken Drumsticks 10 X 1 KG : R33.00/Kg (R330.00 Excluding VAT 
    Bacon Prime Cut New Style 6 X 1Kg : R64.95/Kg Excluding VAT    Cheese Grillers Cocktail Freys 6 X 1Kg (300 Units per Case) : R93.75/Kg Excluding VAT
Russians Freys Cheese Short 5 X 1Kg : R57.95/Kg Excluding VAT  
    Russians Freys Cheese Long 6 X 1,2Kg (7,2Kg) : R57.95/Kg Excluding VATRussians Freys Short Catering 5 X 1KG (50 Units per Case) : R240.50 Excluding VAT       Russians Freys Long Catering 6 X 1,2Kg (7,2Kg) : R57.95/Kg
    Deli Wors 60 X 160Gr (9,6Kg) : R650.00 Per BoxBudget Burger Patties 84 X 100Gr (8,4Kg) : R315.00 Per Box      McCains Signature Chips 10mm 4 X 2,5Kg (10Kg) : R18.85/Kg
The best Chips in South Africa, cooks in 4 Minutes 
    Chicken Livers 18 X 1Kg : R16.50/Kg (R297.00 Excluding VAT)    Crumbed Chicken Burger Patties 3KG : R145.00 Excluding VAT   Chicken Strips 3 Kg : R200.00 Excluding VAT 
    Chicken Pops 6Kg : R331.00 Excluding VAT    Chicken Nuggets 3 Kg : R183.50 Excluding VATChicken Whole Birds (8 Per Box) : R31.99/Kg   Excluding VAT
    Chicken Fillets 6 X 2Kg : R36.50/Kg  Excluding VATHake Battered Fillets 63 X 150Gr : 696.50 Per Box  Excluding VAT Cocktail Meat Balls 2,5Kg : R176.50 Excluding VAT   
    Beef Samoosas (D57) 100 X 23Gr : R206.75 Excluding VATChicken Samoosas (D107) 100 X 25Gr : R208.50 Excluding VAT   Vegetable Samoosas (D55) 100 X 25Gr : R190.95 Excluding VAT   
Beef Spring Rolls (DM78) 100 X 30Gr : R268.75 Excluding VAT       Mixed Spring Rolls (DM56) 150 Per Case : R274.95 Excluding VATVegetable Rolls (DM7) 100 Units Per Case : R172.95 Excluding VAT   
    J'S Beef Burger Patties : 24 X 100Gr : R103.85 Excluding VATJ'S Beef Burger   Patties : 60 X 100Gr : R238.20 Excluding VATBacon Bits Freys 8 X 1 Kg : R58.95/Kg   

Other Products

   12 X 2Lt Supa Fry Oil : R384.00 (NO VAT)   4 X 5Lt Supa Fry Oil :  R303.00 (No VAT) 20Lt Supa Fry Oil : R319.00  (No VAT)
20Lt Palm Oil : R297.00   (No VAT)White Sugar 50Kg ICUMS A45  :R525.00 EXCLUDING VATICING SUGAR 25Kg : R295.00 EXCLUDING VAT   
    10Kg Epic Bread Spread Margerine : R132.00 Excluding VAT    Mayonnaise 20Kg : R370.00 Excluding VATMayonnaise 4 X 3Kg : R268.00 Per Case Excluding VAT   
    Mayonnaise 2 X 6 X 750Gr : R195.00 Excluding VATVITANUT PEANUT BUTTER : 2 X 6 X 800Gr : R367.00 Excluding VAT   VITANUT / SOLOFOODS PEANUT BUTTER 6 X 1Kg    R228.00 Excluding VAT
    50Kg Par Boiled Rice : R465.00 Excluding VAT   7Kg Golden Syrup : R160.00 Excluding VAT    25Kg Golden Syrup : R385.00 Excluding VAT 
  Brown Vinegar : 4 X 5 Lt : R100.00 Excluding VAT  White Vinegar : 4 X 5 Lt : R100.00 Excluding VAT   Beef Soya Mince 25Kg : R498.00 Excluding VAT   
    Chicken Soya Mince 25Kg: R498.00 Excluding VAT    Salad Dressing 20Kg : R260.00 Excluding VATBBQ Sauce 4 X 5 Lt : R229.00   Excluding VAT

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